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          Holbesun Electricinternational@holbesun.com

          R & D Center

                 We have professional team. The professional technology is advanced. Our Signing suppliers for industrial applications includeFinlandsheet metal flexible production line. Japan CNC bending machine, South Korea CNC laser cutting machine, Taiwan CNC turning center and CNC lathe, Japan komatsu welding machine workstation,  we have own T6216D, C5240 and other large metal-cutting equipment, epoxy resin pressure gel hydraulic molding machine, S - BT switch equipment intelligent expert diagnosis system, hydraulic universal testing machine, 250 kva test transformer. The company pays attention to enterprise management; we have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.

                Now our company will create many kinds of new power quality product and develops new patent products to reach the international advanced standard. The company is developing the APF + BVS modular power electronic filter components after the success that will fill blank of the international products, and greatly improve the electric power harmonic and compensation problems.

                We believe that keep honest way, the way of development. Facing with the customer groups, The enterprise have perfect training system, complete product resources, quick information network, fast service reaction mechanism as well as the shadow of professional service capacity, constitute enterprise excellent service culture.

                In the reforming century, we take institutional innovation inspire organizational effectiveness to the cultural innovation thought, to keep up with the time closely to the idea innovation, step to product innovation achievements to create classic brand.





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